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Meet The Head Office

Our mission is to fill the void between source identification research and real-world implementation of the technology.

Yiping Cao

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Cao works on issues of water quality and resources. She has an extensive background in developing and evaluating microbial source tracking as well as rapid detection for assessing microbial contamination in water. She also specializes in developing and applying statistical and next generation sequencing tools towards the issue of water quality.

James Herrin, M.S.

Project Manager

James has previously worked on managing research ecology laboratories, developing water quality analyses, and conducting field research bodies of water throughout the southeastern US. He has worked extensively on water quality issues, particularly with the state water quality agencies in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

Arun Pingali, M.Eng.

Technology Strategist

Arun has a Masters in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, and uses them to program a pipetting robot to perform lab tasks such as qPCR. He also works on side tech projects such as redesigning the website and instituting LIMS.

Anda Quintero

Laboratory and Technical Manager

Anda has a PhD in Biochemistry from Dartmouth College and postdoc training in Human Genomics from University of Miami. At Source Molecular, she is in charge of daily laboratory activities, sample analysis, as well as quality control. In collaboration with Dr. Yiping Cao, Anda also takes on research projects to explore new technologies in molecular source tracking, and to carry out customized projects for clients. 

Doug Gramajo

Laboratory Technician

Doug’s interest in microbiology led him to Source Molecular where he handles environmental sample preparation and water filtration. His responsibilities also include record keeping and coordinating client sampling kits. Doug holds a B.S. from Florida International University and he has a passion in Sustainability Science.

Gretchen Clark


Gretchen has over 25 years of experience in financial markets and small business advisory. At Source Molecular she is responsible for accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, human resources, and the development of key performance indicators. Gretchen holds an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan. She is a CFA charterholder.

Daron Stein

Global Head of Business Development

Daron (M.B.A Bar Ilan University) has +15 years experience in sales in cleantech. He is responsible for managing the sales process, onboarding new clients and working with clients to create scientifically defensible studies.