Source Molecular Updates CA Beach Managers on MST Developments

Source Molecular Corporation’s Mauricio Larenas met beach managers from northern California last week and gave them an update on the California Source Identification Manual and provided a couple of examples of lessons learned.-endpar-

Members of the Central/Northern California Ocean and Bay Water Quality Monitoring Group met on May 12th at the Oakland Shoreline Center from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Mr. Larenas walked the attendees through the evolution of microbial source tracking (MST), how it was then, how it is now and what the future MST will be like. He also shared highlights of the San Diego County MS4 MST Project, San Juan Basin MST Project and the Arroyo Burro Beach MST Project, how water managers used MST to help them address the high levels of fecal bacteria in their water systems.

Other presentors were Donna Ferguson, Assistant Director of Monterey County Public Health Laboratory, who gave a talk about enterococci; and Ali Boehm, a professor at Stanford University, who discussed approaches for interpreting MST marker concentrations specifically source allocation and risk-based framework.

Source Molecular regularly attends these beach meetings in California at least once a year.  It is very active in the state assisting in various source identification projects. The laboratory also frequently collaborates with the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) on various research projects such as the State of California Source Identification Pilot Project (SIPP) Method Evaluation Study and the inter-laboratory research study on the use of Droplet Digital PCR to monitor environmental contaminants in water.