Source Molecular Meets Colorado Stormwater Managers

Source Molecular Corporation attended the 17th Annual StormCon Conference and Exposition and met with stormwater managers in Denver, Colorado.

The Stormcon, held August 13 to 15 at the Colorado Convention Center of the Hyatt Regency in Denver, kicked off with six pre-conference workshops followed by a six-track course curriculum covering a wide range of material that focused on stormwater infrastructure and best management practices, green infrastructure, stormwater permit compliance, funding, staffing, and managing the stormwater program, industrial stormwater management, and research and testing.

Source Molecular’s Global Head for Business Development, Daron Stein, met with stormwater managers from all over the country to catch up on the most up-to-date industry news, breakthroughs in water technology, and the best products and services offered in the water sector.

Mr. Stein updated Stormcon attendees about Source Molecular’s Host Fecal Score (HFS)™. It is a single number that statistically integrates all host fecal marker data from all samples at a given site. The HFS can be used to measure BMP effectiveness. It is based on the Human Fecal Score study, which sought a standardized method for MST data interpretation. For more information about the applications of the HFS, please contact Mr. Stein at

Millions of dollars have been spent by various agencies regarding the implementation of structural best management practices (BMPs) to address the problem of high levels of fecal indicator bacteria in receiving waters. More stormwater managers are seeing the value of incorporating microbial source tracking (MST) into their projects that seek to identify bacteria sources.

Fecal indicator bacteria tests are cheap and readily available but they cannot determine if the bacteria came from sewage. FIB can also occur naturally in the environment. FIB results do not always correlate with illness rates and are often above or below certain thresholds. This makes data interpretation and statistical analyses difficult. MST, on the other hand, can be used to determine whether fecal contamination came from humans, which poses the highest risk. It can also be used to implement targeted source control and abatement BMPs. Thus, in the long-run, MST is more cost efficient.

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