Source Molecular Meets Stormwater Managers in California

Source Molecular Corporation attended the 2018 California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Annual Conference held at the Riverside Convention Center from October 15 to 17, 2018.

Dr. Yiping Cao, Source Molecular’s Vice-President of Technology, and Daron Stein, the laboratory’s Global Head of Business Development, interacted with leading members of California’s stormwater community including local, state, and federal decision makers, stormwater program coordinators, contractors, consultants, engineers, lawyers, scientists, and planners, at the 3-day conference.

Dr. Cao and Mr. Stein shared updates and developments that included an automated qPCR platform. The system provides a total solution including material gathering, qPCR setup, and QA/QC and data analysis (according to EPA standard QA/QC and analysis instructions), automated reporting in customizable pdf or html report, plus qPCR data management and advanced analytics.

Fecal bacteria is one of the major pollutants in California’s water systems and it poses a serious threat to human health. GeoSyntec’s Brandon Steets, one of the speakers at the conference, noted that “public agencies have spent millions of dollars implementing structural BMPs to address this problem. With the future price tag in the billions of dollars for the installation and maintenance of adequate structural BMPs to bring public agencies into compliance with FIB TMDLs.”

Source Molecular believes microbial source tracking (MST) offers one of the most effective ways to remediate fecal contamination. MST works by identifying bacteria sources.

Mr. Steets noted that MST offers “a cost-effective option to identify the highest priority bacteria sources (i.e., contributions from humans) and implement targeted source control and abatement BMPs.”

However, not many local laboratories are equipped to conduct MST analyses. Seeing the clear need for more MST laboratories, Source Molecular is introducing an automated qPCR platform that will allow labs to take on more assays and more samples without increasing their staff members. Learn more about the automated qPCR platform by emailing Dr. Cao at and Mr. Stein at

Next year’s CASQA Annual Conference will be held in Monterey from October 7 to 9, 2019.