Source Molecular Meets With Indiana Stormwater Managers

Close to 400 Indiana stormwater managers, MS4 operators, coordinators, elected officials and stormwater consultants, including Source Molecular Corporation, attended the 10th Annual Indiana MS4 Conference held May 15-16, 2017, in Indianapolis.

The Indiana MS4 StormWater Phase II communities hosted the event. It was in partnership with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Region 5. The conference’s theme was “The State of Indiana Storm Water: Communities Making a Difference”.

The highlights of the conference include new permits and regulatory updates, post-construction ordinances and BMPs, understanding TMDL requirements, among others.

Source Molecular’s Grace Anderson shared updates on the laboratory’s capabilities with Indiana stormwater managers.  Source Molecular recently added pathogen analyses to its roster of services. The laboratory aims to help watershed managers reach informed decisions in solving water quality problems brought about by high fecal bacteria concentrations.  The new pathogen service targets DNA and RNA from the organisms (bacteria and viruses) that actually cause illness in humans.

The laboratory also provides Digital PCR service. Digital PCR directly quantifies pathogenic viruses and bacteria resulting in greater sensitivity and much higher accuracy.  Source Molecular worked with scientists at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. The SCCWRP conducted an inter-laboratory research study on the use of Droplet Digital PCR to monitor environmental contaminants in the water.

In addition, Source Molecular has been helping stormwater managers deal with high concentrations of fecal bacteria in receiving bodies of water.  The laboratory uses EPA-patented tests for the detection of fecal bacteria from Human, Cattle, Chicken, and Dog.  Moreover, it has the ability to test for eight additional hosts — Bird, Ruminant, Elk, Goose, Gull, Pig, Horse, and Beaver.

The 10th Annual Indiana MS4 Conference provided permit compliance information, technical assistance and networking opportunities to all permittees.