Source Molecular’s Genetic Testing Gets Featured in Local News

Source Molecular Corporation was recently featured in a news report by WLRN Public Radio that explained how its genetic testing services is helping improve water quality.

Chief Executive Officer Mauricio Larenas toured WLRN’s Kate Stein around Source Molecular’s laboratory and shared the innovative technologies used and being developed.

Florida, like many states in the U.S, has been battling water contamination issues caused by bacteria and blue-green algae. Beaches have been closed due to high levels of fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) while algal blooms have harmed the tourism and fishing industry. There’s also increasing pressure to fix these water quality problems.

Mr. Larenas believes that to succeed in reducing these pollutants, their source must be identified to formulate effective remediation efforts. Current monitoring efforts measure the pollution level of a waterbody but can’t tell where it is coming from. He explains that Source Molecular analyzes water samples to look for a specific gene associated with fecal waste from humans, gulls, dogs and nine other hosts.

“Our core focus has been on creating solutions to do environmental forensic work, which helps people identify the causes of pollution,” Mr. Larenas told Ms. Stein.

Mr. Larenas shared that Martin County is upgrading septic systems across their entire watershed. However, the project was going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Since they only have a limited budget, Martin County sought Source Molecular’s help to prioritize their infrastructure management. “[MST] technology allowed them to target the sites where the human waste is actually coming from,” he said.

Martin County’s site prioritization efforts wouldn’t have been possible with legacy testing such as FIB. Data from FIB testing does not provide enough information to distinguish fecal sources. Source Molecular is developing a kit that would bring MST closer to water communities. The kit would enable local labs to perform genetic testing on environmental water samples.

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Read and listen to the WLRN interview.