Source Molecular Attends Michigan Watershed Summit

Source Molecular Corporation took part in the Michigan Watershed Summit hosted by the Michigan Water Environment Association on March 29, 2017, in East Lansing, Michigan.

The event was held in partnership with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The Summit brought together many watershed groups. Accordingly, it facilitated discussion on current status, concerns and outlooks regarding Michigan’s water environment.

Consequently, Source Molecular met with different representatives of the Michigan watershed organizations and shared the laboratory’s capabilities. The laboratory helps identify the source of fecal pollution through microbial source tracking analysis.

Source Molecular offers patented tests from the EPA for Human, Cattle, Chicken and Dog fecal pollution. It is currently the only commercial license holder offering these tests. All in all, Source Molecular’s laboratory can provide analysis on 23 different tests from 13 different hosts. These sources are Human, Cattle, Swine, Gull, Goose, Chicken, Dog, Deer, Elk, Horse, Bird, Ruminant and Beaver.

Speakers at the conference included Teresa Seidel of the Michigan DEQ who gave updates on the agency’s activities. The Michigan DEQ has several water quality monitoring programs that assist in keeping all of Michigan’s water clean.

In addition, Paco Ollervides of River Network spoke about Watershed Organization Development. Moreover, Emily Finnell of Michigan DEQ shared the agency’s 30-Year Water Strategy. Brian Boyer of Kieser & Associates presented Portage Arcadia Creek Case Study.

Other speakers were Jeremiah Asher and Jon Bartholic of Michigan State University. Also, Mark Wyckoff of Land Policy Institute, Ralph Haefner of U.S. Geological Survey and Susan Bryan of Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner gave presentations. Speakers from non-government organizations were Rebecca Esselman of Huron River Watershed Council, and Eric Diesing of Clinton River Watershed Council.

The USGS has listed Source Molecular as one of the providers of microbial source tracking. Incidentally, Source Molecular is on its way to becoming ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited. It will be the only dedicated MST laboratory in the country to be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited. Furthermore, it will also serve as a recognition of the laboratory’s quality and high standards.