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Source Molecular works with individuals involved with surface water run-off, groundwater remediation/protection, surface water quality, bacterial/microbial/fecal source tracking, causes of water pollution (including point and non-point sources) and E. coli/Enterococcus/Giardia source identification. Quality control is maintained with the latest scientific laboratory equipment and highly trained, degreed personnel. Source Molecular uses scientifically rigorous (i.e. published and peer-reviewed) genetic and molecular analytical methods that enable it to identify with high confidence sources of microbial contamination.

Clients are encouraged to adopt a toolbox approach with the services offered by Source Molecular. When targeting a specific source of fecal pollution, it is recommended to combine two or more tests in a toolbox fashion. This will increase the sensitivity and the reliability of the results. Click here for some toolbox recommendations or see below for highlights of some of the leading DNA analytical services of Source Molecular.