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Orange County Coastkeeper and Source Molecular Launch Partnership to Pinpoint Sources of Local Water Pollution

Orange County Coastkeeper and Source Molecular Corporation announce a new partnership to investigate sources of pollution in the Santa Ana River Watershed. With this partnership, Coastkeeper’s water quality testing now uses more effective tools to find sources of pollution and improve human health from the Inland Empire to Orange County. In early 2018, Coastkeeper observed [...]

Source Molecular Joins Swimmable California Webinar Series

Source Molecular Corporation's Dr. Yiping Cao recently talked about quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) eligibility in the Swimmable California Webinar Series hosted by the California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network. The Collaboration Network is a statewide forum where monitoring community members share ideas, successes and common concerns. It was launched by the California Water Quality [...]

Source Molecular Speaks at North Dakota Conference

Stormwater managers can demonstrate compliance with their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits using microbial source tracking (MST) results. This was one of the highlights of the presentation made by Source Molecular Corporation's Daron Stein at a North Dakota conference. Mr. Stein was one of the speakers at the North Dakota Water Quality Monitoring [...]

Source Molecular Shares MST Guidelines to South Carolina Stormwater Managers

Source Molecular Corporation met with South Carolina stormwater managers in early March and shared guidelines on how to conduct an effective microbial source tracking (MST) project in order to identify the sources of fecal bacteria in the water. Source Molecular's Project Manager, James Herrin, was one of the three speakers at the 1st Quarter Meeting [...]

Source Molecular Presents Human Fecal Score(TM) at California Monitoring Group Meeting

Source Molecular Corporation was one of the two invited speakers at the Central/Northern California Ocean and Bay Water Quality Monitoring Group quarterly meeting held early February 2018 in Oakland. Dr. Yiping Cao, Source Molecular Corporation's Vice-President of Technology, presented the Human Fecal Contamination Score™ as a standardized approach for microbial source tracking data interpretation. Various [...]

Source Molecular Attends Colorado Stormwater Council Meeting

Source Molecular Corporation gave a presentation on microbial source tracking (MST) at the general membership meeting of the Colorado Stormwater Council in January 2018. Source Molecular's CEO Mauricio Larenas attended the meeting along with local governments in Colorado who hold permits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  With the municipalities' storm drainage systems [...]

Source Molecular Earns ISO Accreditation from A2LA

Source Molecular Corporation, the nation's leader in the field of microbial source tracking, has earned its laboratory ISO accreditation from American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for technical competence in the field of biological testing. A2LA granted accreditation to Source Molecular's laboratory in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. This demonstrates that [...]

Source Molecular Holds MST Workshop in California

Source Molecular Corporation co-hosted a microbial source tracking or MST workshop with the California Water Board Region 5 on January 23 at the EPA headquarters in Sacramento. It was attended by regulators, environmental consultants and watershed managers throughout California as well as other interested parties across North America. Source Molecular's CEO Mauricio Larenas presented on [...]

Source Molecular’s Genetic Testing Gets Featured in Local News

Source Molecular Corporation was recently featured in a news report by WLRN Public Radio that explained how its genetic testing services is helping improve water quality. Chief Executive Officer Mauricio Larenas toured WLRN's Kate Stein around Source Molecular's laboratory and shared the innovative technologies used and being developed. Florida, like many states in the U.S, [...]

Source Molecular Discusses Bacteria Sources at UCI Seminar Series

Source Molecular Corporation's Yiping Cao emphasized the importance of identifying fecal bacteria sources at a seminar in the University of California, Irvine, in December 2017. She discussed a study that identified sources of fecal contamination and a study to evaluate biofilter effectiveness in removing microbial pollution. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the [...]